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Cabinas El Mirador Lodge is on 3 hectares of land at the top of a hill, 80 meters above sea level, overlooking Drake Bay, with some of the most spectacular views in the Osa Peninsula and a beautiful beach nearby.


Enjoy any other of Drake Bay's amazing beaches and tropical forest as well as its flora and fauna, that is characteristic of the Corcovado National Park, just 8 miles south and Caño Island 12 miles West of Drake Bay.


Spend the day hiking in Corcovado National Park, snorkeling around Caño Island or relaxing on a hammock watching the sunset over the pristine waters of Drake Bay.


The hotel has very pleasant rooms designed to make your stay a comfortable one. Enjoy the fresh sea breeze, and the beach only 200 meters away from the hotel.


You will fall asleep to the sound of the breaking waves and awaken to the early morning sounds of the surrounding wildlife.


In addition to the excellent views, El Mirador Lodge also includes three delicious home-style meals meticulously prepared by their local cooking staff. There are also a variety of tours to choose from.


Corcovado National Park is truly a biological gem. It can also prove to be an incredible adventure just getting there. You will have more of a chance of spotting rare wild animals, the privilege of visiting one of the world's most pristine and unspoiled areas. The area's remoteness is a great benefit because it keeps the effects of civilization down to a minimum. Corcovado National Park should be visited before the number of visitors increases, thus spoiling its unspoiled nature.

  • San Pedrillo station
  • Sirena Southern station
  • Snorkeling at Caño Island
  • Diving at Caño Island
  • Horse Back Tour
  • Bird Watching
  • Night Hike
  • Whale and Dolphin watching
  • Snorkeling at San Josecito
  • Canopy Tours
  • Sportfishing
  • Kayak rentals

RATES 2013

Option # 1: $ 163 per person.
2 nights lodging with meals included.
1 full-day tour to choose between:
  • San Pedrillo, Corcovado.
  • Snorkel at Caño Island.
Option  # 2: $ 218 per per person.
2 nights lodging  with meals included.
1 half-day tour:
        Night hike.
 1 full-day tour:
       Sirena, at Corcovado.
Option # 3: $ 282  per person.
3 nights lodging with meals included.
2 tours:
         San Pedrillo, Corcovado
         Snorkel at Caño Island
Option # 4: $ 327  per person.
3 nights lodging with meals included.
1 full-day tour:
         Sirena at Corcovado.
2 half-day tours:
         Night hike.
         Canopy tour
Option #5: $ 381  per person.
4 Nights lodging with meals included.
2 full-day tours:
       Sirena, at Corcovado .
       Snorkel at Caño Island.
1 half day tour to choose between:
       Night walk.
       Horseback ride.
Option # 6: $ 440 per person.
5 nights lodging with meals included.
2 full-day tours:
         San Josecito beach, snorkel and hike.
         Sirena, at Carcovado.
2 half-day tours:
        Conopy tour.
Option # 7: $ 485 per person.
5 nights lodging with meals included .
3 full-day tours:
         Sirena, at  Corcovado.
         Caño Island, snorkel             
         Dolphin and whale encounter.


  • Rates do not include local taxes 13%
  • Rates include round trip ground transportation from Puerto Jimenez airport to the lodge
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